Your furniture will get a second life

Do you want to change something in your space but without spending huge amounts of money?

Give your furniture anewlook!

To meet our customers’ needs, we offer so-called furniture renovation. Replacing all the kitchen cupboards is not always the way to go – sometimes it is enough to-- paint them. Renovating kitchen furniture is currently an incredibly fashionable trend. Beautiful fronts often hold great potential which can be emphasised by a layer of the right paint. Before you make the decision to completely get rid of all the elements of the old design, contact us. It may turn out that repainting the furniture instead will be the perfect solution. The easiest way to renovate old fronts is to cover the old scratched and damaged surfaces with a new protective layer. This procedure will be effective if we assess that the condition of the furniture is decent. Then, we are able to cover the old layer with a new one. The colour should now be even and any scratches and abrasion should be less visible. However, if the old layer is very damaged and adding a new layer of paint or lacquer on top would not do the trick, the whole element needs to be replaced.