Discover the materials and accessories that we use in production
Furniture accessories are additional elements that have an effect on the functionality of furniture. You need them when you are furnishing your home. It is a good idea to take advantage of the potential of those small details in order to create an interior that meets your expectations. While choosing furniture accessories, it is worthwhile paying attention to the high quality of manufacture. It will give you a guarantee that the furniture that the accessories are a part of will fulfil its practical role well and make an impression with their first-class appearance.

We make our furniture using the best and tested materials and furniture accessories. Take a look at their description below.
Rodzaje płyt MDF które stosujemy w produkcji mebli

Examples of boards used by us

Raw and veneered MDF:
The advantages of these boards include their flexibility (the higher the density, the lower the flexibility), their availability in a variety of sizes, ease of processing and the possibility of using them as a base in the production of furniture, e.g. furniture fronts.

Also known as laminates. Their production process involves high temperature and pressure, generated by laminate pressing machines, which gives laminates exceptional hardness and resistance to mechanical damage. This is why they can be used in the most demanding projects, also as the covering of external walls of buildings or the body of furniture. Laminates are also characterised by a wide range of available colours and a few types of surface finishes (e.g. matt, wooden or glossy).


The brand Blum is a valued company that specialises in the production of innovative high-quality systems of hinges, drawers, as well as lift systems and top fronts.


A company that offers modern furniture fittings and architectural fittings as well as electronic locking systems.


Various types of fittings – from drawer systems and guides, to hinges and systems for sliding and folding doors.

AMICUS 877 Line paints

A company with years of experience in implementing new technologies in the field of furniture surface finish. All their topcoat paints and bases are characterised by high resistance, flexibility, and fantastic coverage, thanks to which the painting process and the end result are phenomenal.


A line of ready-to-use solvent stains to use on wood, available in fashionable shades, characterised by excellent lightfastness, not raising the grain and fibres, and deep penetration of the wood, which allows to achieve a rustic effect.


The new 877 Line offered by the company AMICUS encompasses economical bases for both wood and MDF, as well as high-quality topcoats characterised by excellent resistance to UV rays and abrasion.


A polyurethane lacquer with a high chemical resistance to abrasion and yellowing. Use: finishing furniture and other wooden or MDF elements designed for use both indoors and outdoors.


The company Symphony works with the leading manufactures of industrial paints and lacquers in order to provide you with the newest coating technology and a perfect finish. The Symphony paints are characterised by a high resistance to mechanical damage, abrasion, and UV rays.


Professional wood coatings. The finishing industry in Great Britain and all across Europe relies on Remmer’s leading polyurethane coatings to ensure the exceptional durability and appearance of products.