Impressive in every shape
Corian is an original solid surface material. It is composed of a unique mix of minerals and acrylic, which can be shaped to meet the requirements of any project or measurement. Corian is available in a wide range of more than 70 colours and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Corian has been known on the market since 1967, and until this day, nothing can compete with it in terms of solid surface materials. It is increasingly popular among customers and investors. Corian is characterised by its durability and the smoothness of its surface, as well as its availability in a great variety of colours, which makes the mineral-acrylic Corian boards a perfect material for countertops.

The material is


Hygienic and non-toxic


Receptive to sublimation

Fully neutral
to the environment

Resistant to the effects
of UV rays

Renewable and easy
to repair

Out of all the elements of the kitchen, the countertop is the one most exposed to everyday use. Every day, it has to endure shocks, high temperature, and contact with sharp knives, so the material it is made out of must be of the highest quality.

An alternative solution to Corian countertops are laminated boards that ensure good resistance to temperature and abrasion at a relatively low price. Another advantage is their light weight, thanks to which the countertop does not need overly hardy supports. An additional asset of laminate is the rich selection of patterns and colours, which makes it possible to make a countertop that will suit even the most fanciful kitchen.